About annoo


As a jeweler, the skills of craftsmanship and design are not just something I have learned. They are inherent qualities that have been passed down through multiple generations of skilled artisans. The legacy of creativity in my family dates back from my great-grandfather's expertise in carpentry, to my grandfather's visionary work in architecture and painting, and to my mother's mastery of ceramics. This rich heritage has ingrained a deep appreciation for creativity in me.
To further develop my expertise in the field, I pursued my passion for precious stones and the allure of color at HRD Antwerp, a prestigious academy of gemology and diamond grading in Europe. Immersed in the intricate world of gems, I gained a profound understanding of their complexity and intrinsic value. In this pursuit, I have discovered my true calling – a place where each stone carries a unique story. Where every design evokes profound emotions. It is within this realm of endless possibilities that I find my inspiration.
Equipped with this solid foundation and an unwavering dedication to my craft, I embarked on a journey into the realm of jewelry design. However, my aspirations extend beyond mere aesthetics. Recognizing the significance of environmental stewardship and ethical practices,
I am committed to minimizing our environmental impact by working with sustainable and recycled gold, silver, and ethically-sourced stones. Through responsible sourcing choices, my goal is to contribute to a better planet and create jewelry that aligns with ethical values.
Through my work, I strive to celebrate the unparalleled splendor of the world around us while making a positive impact on our planet and future generations.

Olivier Vanhaecke